Programmable Logic Controllers

We Design PLC Solutions

FICS utilizes programmable logic controllers (PLC) to integrate seamlessly into your existing equipment/systems. We have the experience and expertise to work with you to design a PLC solution to best fit your needs.

How Does A PLC Work?

At its core, a PLC monitors the state of inputs and then, based on logic created by the programmer, turns on or off the outputs. Additional inputs can be added to the system to enable the PLC to make better and smarter decisions.

A PLC can be used to control any industrial application including motors, VFDs, valves, and conveyors. PLCs are flexible and can be integrated to adapt to almost any automated application.

PLCs Are Unique From Other Forms Of Control Systems In Three Main Ways:

  • I/O modules are used to connect the field devices to the PLC to trigger specific actions. These devices can be digital or analog and customized to fit a specific application
  • PLCs have ethernet ports that can utilize communication adapters to ensure the PLC can correctly communicate with a variety of different systems
  • Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) can be used to interact and update information within a PLC in real time

Our PLC Customization Process

We work with our customers to design a custom PLC solution based on your specific needs and application. We have the ability to create a variety of custom PLC builds including:

  • Large PLC Control Systems
  • Process Controllers
  • Small PLC Control Systems
  • Micro PLC Control Systems
  • Graphic Terminals
  • Tethered Operator Terminals
  • Industrial Computers and Monitors

PLC chassis are customizable to fit any need, including local to remote I/O. In some facilities, we use only remote I/O tied to one large PLC control system and connect everything using ethernet cables. This saves our customers valuable resources on wiring and conduit costs by locating I/O outlets close to the devices we are wiring to.

Our team traditionally used Ladder Logic and Function Block PLC programming languages. Allen-Bradley software such as Studio 5000 formerly known as RSlogix 5000, and RSlogix 500 use Ladder Logic, Function Block, Structured Text, and Sequential Function Chart PLC programming languages.

Once you connect with our team on your initial PLC concept, our engineering and design team develops electrical schematics and a panel arrangement design to help you understand how the final component will operate. Once the design is approved, our team moves forward to the program development stage and creates the PLC code and panel build, based on the number and type of input and output devices.

Our team also provides startup support and on-site debugging services to ensure your custom PLC solution operates at maximum performance.

Our Quality Commitment

FICS is a UL 508A panel shop and follows industry quality standards during every PLC build. We can also provide a UL Listed industrial control panel to 508A standards. We are also a Partnered System Integrator with Rockwell Automation (Allen- Bradley).

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