Positive Material Identification

What Is PMI?

Utilizing a Niton XL2 800 XRF analyzer, we can positively identify alloy metals with the press of a button. The XRF analyzer can detect elements from Cl to U. PMI is particularly useful in identifying specific alloys that share similar element breakdowns, like austenitic stainless steels.

Additional Documentation Package

This service can be added to document components of our products. A typical package includes material traceability reports(MTRs), PMI reports for each component tested, a map identifying each MTR/PMI location, and a list compiling all reports. This program ensures material traceability.

Onsite or Offsite Service

PMI can be performed by components or materials provided by you. These materials can be tested at FICS or at your facility. If your customer requires PMI for all the components provided or a random test sample, we can provide a report demonstrating the exact materials you are providing.

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