Control Systems

Control systems is a broad title that encompasses products for multiple practical applications.

Control Systems

FICS can utilize and recommend any combination of programmable logic controllers (PLCs), I/O, and HMIs to control a single piece of equipment or control an entire process.

We tailor each system to your specific application and requirements.  Take advantage of our application knowledge in compressor controls, material handling, motion control, motor control, and process control.

Automation Equipment

FICS has experience designing, assembling, and controlling automation systems. Types include indexing conveyors, material handling, material preparation, assembly, inspection, and packaging processes. Each system is tailored to your specific application and requirements. FICS can replicate proven techniques and improve on deficiencies.

Process Control

FICS has experience designing and tuning process systems. Types include temperature control, pressure control, and flow control. Utilizing Loop-Pro Tuner software, FICS can tune PID loops to improve accuracy of control loops minimizing waste, reducing start time, and preventing any deviations from setpoint. Can be applied to existing systems.

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