Automatic Lubrication Systems


Assemblies and equipment that contain bearings, packings, gears, and cylinders requiring lubrication. FICS can develop lubrication systems with various types of methods and equipment to fit your application. These systems can utilize grease or oil fluid types.

Benefits of Automatic Lubrication

Automatic lubrication creates a more optimized lubrication schedule. Manual lubrication even when properly maintained, create larger periods of over-lubrication and under-lubrication. Implementing an automatic system decreases the amount and increases the frequency to keep the lubrication at an optimal level for greater periods of time. The system only needs to be refilled instead of lubricating multiple individual points, minimizing the amount of time required to maintain. The most apparent benefit is eliminating under-lubrication and no lubrication.

Manual Lubrication Upgrades

If automatic lubrication is not warranted, upgrades can be made to improve manual lubrication. Turn multiple lubrication points into one point. This is useful when you have many lubrication points or points that are not accessible.

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